As the drafting and examination of the IAMP Area Action Plan neared its completion and adoption, it became clear that there was an overwhelming and urgent need to provide some of the IAMP floorspace as soon as possible.  This was due to immediate demand from potential occupiers wanting space in the area.

A decision was taken to bring forward an initial first phase (‘IAMP ONE’) through the submission of a standalone planning application to Sunderland City Council.  The Secretary of State’s agreement to this approach was confirmed in a direction letter issued on 4 December 2017.

The IAMP ONE planning application was submitted on 18 January 2018 and was approved on 25 May 2018.  The permission allows for the development of:-

  • A series of up to nine high quality units for light industrial, general industrial and storage and distribution uses;
  • One of the units was designed in detail (‘Plot 3’) and provides 21,856 sq m of floorspace;
  • The remainder of the units would together provide up to 134,984 sq m of floorspace;
  • A new spine road and associated junction improvements linking onto the A1290;
  • An initial phase of the IAMP ecological and landscape mitigation area (ELMA) to be located to the west of the site and
  • Other internal roads, landscaping, parking, service yards, utilities and drainage.

Construction work for Plot 3 started in June 2018 and details for two further plots are currently being considered by Sunderland City Council.  There is significant interest in the remaining plots included in IAMP ONE.

A final phase for development at IAMP ONE (IAMP ONE Phase 2) is due to be brought forward via a standalone planning application for an area of land to the south-west of the site.  The application is due to be submitted later in 2019.